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Meet The Creator


~~Girard Smith

Here’s my journey.


Over 20 years ago, I was working as an operations manager for a subsidiary of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), along with spearheading an exercise project  for the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. Outside of that I had some success as a professional actor and model.


One day coming home from an audition in New York city, I was met head-on by a tractor trailer. The accident  totaled my car and I received Severe bodily injuries. Most people thought that was the end for me and my career.  While hospitalized, I was told by doctors that I needed immediate hip replacement surgery Or I'd be resigned to a wheelchair, I declined.


To their surprise, in less than a year later, I was jogging.  


My recovery was difficult, but I was determined. I’ve always had a mindset that ”whatever my mind could conceive, my body would achieve, and my spirit would reap the rewards of my efforts. I  overcame my injuries by being positive, consistent, and optimistic.

A year after my accident, I booked a modeling job with Ebony magazine. In that same week,  I was scheduled to have reconstructive surgery to my forehead from the accident a year ago. I didn’t tell my agent that I just  had surgery and had 28 stitches in my forehead.(I put a piece of clear bandage that I confiscated from the doctor’s office and covered it with makeup). I booked the job, and the following month, I was featured in the pages of Ebony magazine.


I believe in obstacles but I don't believe in being stuck ; that's how I overcame my injuries.


In 2003, I was cast in the production of Dreamgirls which

brought me to California. During that time I was

developing my craft. I created a wellness company;

Art of BODIC, which stands for Bodies Optimal Design through

Isometrics and Calisthenics. As a nutritional and fitness

consultant, I  created recipes that were healthy and nutritious

that served my clients successfully,  along with proper exercise.

Fast forward, due to my accident 20 years ago I had to have hip replacement surgery in 2016. During that time I was given pharmaceutical drugs that I refused to take because of the adverse effects. I recalled how they made me feel, and I vowed not to take opioids again. Shortly  after surgery, as I started to regain mobility, the first place I went was the kitchen to create a natural supplement to aid in my healing. Within days, I started to feel better after creating this supplement, so I would have a glass of this beverage a day, and I got better without the aid of opioids. I had a colleague taste it and they said, it's wonderful! is this wine?”  I said, “It’s life in a bottle” then laughed, but I was serious. Others loved it as well. I started giving it to my clients as a cleanse to aid in their weight reduction.. They emphasized to me how it helped in their sleeping patterns, bloating, pain relief, their digestive system, blood sugar regulation, and decreased blood pressure levels. I realized the benefits, and Organic Truth was born.


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