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About Organic Truth

Taste the truth, It's Organic

Organic Truth is a nutritious, healthy non alcoholic beverage that is beneficial to the health and well being of your body. Organic Truth can be enjoyed everyday at home, at work or even play. It can be consumed three times a day as a hot tea, chilled, room temperature and also as a mixer. The benefits of Organic Truth are endless because of the medicinal properties. This breaks the myth, that if it taste to good it can't be good for you. Well this ones for you!

Our Mission

Our mission is to help save our planet. We recycle each and every bottle we receive. The future of our world and generations to come, is of utmost importance to us. As an incentive we're offering 50 cents upon return of each clean bottle with a label attached. Join us in our mission to bring awareness to the importance of a clean sustainable environment.

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"With all the healthy products and drinks available to the public today, I have finally found a beverage that meets my standards for its antioxidants, nutrients and taste.
Organic truth beverage is truly on the top of my list."

Dr. Dane Clarke
Medical Director, Emergency Medicine
Ft Lauderdale, Florida


It's not easy to find a non-alcoholic beverage that's not only great for the body, but refreshing, delicious, and goes well with any occasion. Fortunately, organic truth checks all those boxes.  


Duane Dyson MD
Emergency Medicine Specialist
Perth Amboy, New Jersey


I was first introduced to Organic Truth 3 years ago and was quite impressed.  Not only was it very soothing to my palate but pleasantly refreshing.  I enjoyed the fact that the drink is made of all natural ingredients such as cinnamon, ginger and hibiscus to name a few.  My choice for drinking the beverage is either chilled or mixed with my liquor of choice during dinner.  I highly recommend this delicious natural beverage and know that you will continue to be a recurrent customer. You won’t be disappointed!

Dr. Tiffany Ruth
Summit Medical Group
Westfield, New Jersey

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