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You can purchase per bottle (25.4 fl oz) or buy in bulk. (12 bottles to each case)


Perishable keep refrigerated.


Organic Ingredients :

Purified Water                          

Hisbiscus                          Cherries

Cinnamon                         Ginger

Lemon                               Mint

Apple Cider Vinegar         Pimento

Organic Truth

SKU: 0001
  • Organic Truth is a nutritious and delicious beverage loaded with anti-oxidants that are beneficial to the health and well being of your body.


    Our mission is to help save our planet. We recycle each and every bottle we receive. The future of our world and generations to come are of utmost importance to us.


    Organic Truth can be consumed 3x a day, at home, work or even play. It can be enjoyed as a tea, served cold or warm temperature.


    These ingredients are chemicaly known to be associated with a reduction in inflammation, pain relief associated with arthritis, onset of stroke, dementia, belly fat, post-excercise muscle pain, cholesterol levels, blood pressure and liver disease. It may also aide in the regulation of blood sugar, healthy digestion, increased metabolism and immunity. These ingredients may also reduce nausea, acid reflux, heart burn, cleansing of toxic wast and weight loss.

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